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  • Thịt Bò Mềm

    I have read many recipes within citing the use of either "filet" or "eyes round" as the tender beef in slices.

    I would agree about the filet mignon (tender loin), but it seems to be impractical to use such expensive beef for asian dishes;

    as to the round eyes beef, it is convenient, but not that flavorful!

    May I suggest you to be bold, buy a chunk of BEEF CROSS RIB ROAST, open it up, trim the pure flesh for any dish calling for tender beef slices (bò bảy món, nhúng dấm etc ), and use the other parts for phở or beef broth .

    Do it and you will not regret !

    This cut of beef, especially the center cuts, and the top round are more flavorful, very tender ( slice it across the meat grain) and much more practical.

    If you look for it, at times, you will find beef or chicken is cheaper than beef bones, chicken bones! Thus, do not hesitate to buy the meat in order to make good broth.

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    RE: Thịt Bò Mềm

    JS: I noticed that the Eye Rib Roast Steak is more tender and taste much better than the others. I agree with you about the chicken is cheaper than the chicken bones and you can be sure that they are fresh too. Normally you can not find the chicken bones in the American grocery stores so have to buy them from Asian market and 99% they all smell horrible when you open the package.


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      RE: Thịt Bò Mềm

      In term of taste, the most flavorful cut of beef for taste is the chuck;

      but in a chuck, there is only a small portion of it tender. (thus chuck is great for stew).

      May be I should try to post a diagram where the cuts of beef come from a cow.